help needed with delphi database PLEASE :)


 I am currently working on a little database project.
It is to store some manuals for different appliances. Manuals include,
Parts manuals, service manuals, Tech Bulletins etc... These manuals
will be scanned, and each page of each manual will refer to a
filename. I want to be able to select the Appliance Type (eg washing
machine, dish washer etc...) from a combo box, and then the
Corresponding Model No, to that appliance type (not all the models in
the database on the model no's for that appliance) the from that model
number, i want the next combo box to show all the manual types
available for that appliance type, with that model number. Then i want
the final one to display the different page numbers for that manual...
So i guess the page number has to be linked to all of them...

One ApplianceType has many ModelNo
One ModelNo has one ApplianceType

One ModelNo has  Many ManualType
One ManualType has Many ModelNo

One Filename has one PageNo
One PageNo has one Filename

And of course the appliance type, ManualType, and ModelNo all have
many filename....
One Filename has many AppType, ManType, ModType....

In my tables I have...
Table1 ApplianceType (primary)

Table2 ModelNo (primary)

Table3 ManualType (primary)

Table4 (linktable) Filename (primary) PageNo, ApplianceType (secondary
index), ManualType(secondary index), ModelNo(secondary index)

I am not sure if I have resolved the relationships quite right there
or not... So that might be a bit of the troble...

I am able to add all the data into the first 3 tables through the form
I am through Delphi... and I added some data into table4 through
database desktop, just for testing perposes.. Then I tryed to make a
form that is a lookup form... I want the user to be able to flick down
through the combo boxes, then get the filename be displayed into an
image box... but i can always work that bit out later... as long as i
could get the filename shown somewhere, from all of the selected
material, i would be happy...

Please can someone help me!?! hehe... it has been driving my crazy...

Please email me back at: