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Pointers and Large Model

Hi to all!

I'm using the Borland Compiler C++ 3.0 to program a 16 bit application for
an embedded Pc. I have some problems using the LARGE Model for the
compilation, when I use Pointers to CHAR* variable and also when I use
functions that return CHAR*.
In both the situation if I check the return value of the pointers I obtain
always a NULL pointer. My system will crash costantly. I don't know exactly
how the Memory Model LARGE works with the addressing of the pointers. Should
it set up automatically the pointers addressing to FAR? I tried to use also
the -ff option but I've still the problem...

It should be considered that with small and medium memory models I have not
Does anybody know the cause of this behaviour and a way to solve it?

Thank you very much in advance!!

Damiano Vitulli >>The new generation of embedded CPU


Re:Pointers and Large Model

That does not sound like a problem from the compiler but rather a problem
from the code.

Cut down the code to a small example which retains the problem or make up a
small example which also has the problem and post the code.  That will give
us a bit of information to use in figuring out what is going wrong.

.  Ed

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