Delphi, C/S and R/O files

Hi everyone !

I'm contemplating using Delphi as our new development tool for
multimedia applications under Windows, because at the moment no other
tool seems good enough at handling databases, and our applications
happen to deal with a lot of data.

Now, I want the application to run on a LAN, which is OK with its C/S
capabilities, but also to be able to put the database on a CD-ROM to
ship it to customers who will be using it on a stand alone PC.

It seems that Paradox doesn't allow access to R/O files (I don't mean
R/O access to files. I mean access, R/O of course, but to files which
are stored on a R/O medium like a CD-ROM).

Does anyone have a suggestion of which database would best suit those
needs with Delphi ? I know that Btrieve should be OK, but may be using
Interbase, which as far as I understand is shipped with Delphi, would
suffice. Is it the case ?

Thanks for helping

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