Disable autolog an logon window NT4 - and certain key combinations

OS : NT4 Workstation

Program language used Borland Builder v5 Pro

I need to run my Program directly when NT starts.
Also after a powerdown. So I need to disable the NT login procedure.

Question 01 :
With the Tweak util I can disable the login splash window. But I need to
disable or enable user login with my code (for service purpose) so I need to
find the location in the registry to change.

Question 02
To integrate 100 % my program in NT I changed the NT4 Splash window into my
Program logo
But there is still the login splash that appears after the splash that asks
for the user password (in case of a normal login). How can that window be
disabled ?

Question 03
How can I disable the CTRL-ALT-DEL
the CTRL - ESC -> Start button and his special key
the ALT - TAB with the ALT - SHIFT - TAB  -> Swap between progs
the CTRL - SHIFT - ESC  -> Task manager

So i want to disable access to other programs for the user.

Bart Goossens