Error:Table Does not Support this operation

I am paralyzed with a problem and I request immediate help in this. In my
client place whenever he tries to open a table and assign it to the
respective variables he is getting an error "Tables Does not support this
operation". I am using a Tquery to access the database and retrieve the
respective values.

The following are the installations at the client site:

Back End: MS Acess All versions
Front End: Delphi 3.0
Connectivity : ODBC Microsoft Access Driver.
Error " Tables Does not support this operation".
Fields in the table: Integer and Ole Object.
Other Files:MDAC 2.5, ODBC, BDE5.0.

I have tested the software here in my place as follows:
Operating System: Windows 95, 98, 2000 and ME
Back End : Access 97, 2000
The above said error is not surfaced here.

Please do help me. What could be the problem otherwise?

Thanks in Advance.