BDE and Citrix Metaframe, unreproducible problem

First off, yes I'm a Citrix Metaframe Newbie.. :)
We have an app, written in Delphi 4 with BDE.
We've been able to install and run it on our terminal server in-house
with no problems.. We basically have run the straight install
executablet hat we have for NT/98/95, and have been able to run it
here without any problems.
We have one customer who is having problems, with it though, on his
terminal server.  He can run the program as the user who installed it
(Administrator, in this case), but when he tries to run it from
another user, he will *SOMETIMES* get a BDE Initialization Error
If he tries to run the program enough times, it'll eventually go
I've seen reports about having to run BDE apps as Published
Applications.. I set it up here, and we can still run our program fine
(It ran before just fine as well)... the customer says he tried that,
and if he did try that, it would never work.. At least the way he's
doing it now, it will eventually work.
We're stymied here, as we have been unable to reproduce the bug here
at all... Does anyone have any experience/ideas?

- Jason