exitWindowsEx API call

Hi all,

WinHlp32.hlp says :

To shut down or restart the system, the calling process must use the
 function to enable the SE_SHUTDOWN_NAME privilege. For more information

about security privileges, see Security. "

This problem raises only under Win NT 4.0 , under win95/98 anything
works fine without any further call and I can shut down , reboot , turn
off the power and so on, without modify application privileges .
I've tried to implement the AdjustTokenPrivileges API call to set right
privileges to make my app able to shut down NT 4.0  , but :
*) the constant SE_SHUTDOWN_NAME seems to not be defined
*) Which integer Delphi's type have I to use to define a TLargeInteger
(64 bit) variable ?
*) does anybody know exactly how to change a Delphi app attributes in
order to allow a NT shut down
and not just an user  log  off ? Or where can I find some good FAQ about

I'm developing a very advanced scheduler I will release freeware as soon

as I can on DSP and Torry .
thnak's to everybody for any help I can get