Delphi 5 and Win 2000 pro

I am not sure this is the forum to post my issue but I will hoping someone
has a solution for me.

I was running Delphi 5 Enterprise with Svc Pack 1 installed running on Win
98 2nd Edition. All applications were running fine.

I decided to upgrade to Win 2000 prof and it seems my problems began.

(1) When I started Delphi, retrieve an application, and run it everything is

(2) make a change in the code, like just putting a space in causes the
application to recompile.  However I get an error when the application is
about to be displayed on the screen:  "Exception EDBEngineError in module
VCLBDE50.BPL at 0000C31E Insufficient Memory for Operation".  It appears
this occurs at the time the Data Module is about to be created.  This do not
occur on my Win 98 system.

(3)  I read in one of the Treads that possibly I may have corrupt *.BPL
I un-install Delphi 5 and 3rd party component.  Then I located and deleted
all *.Bpl files that were not removed during un-installation.  Then
reinstalled Delphi but the error still occurrs.

(4)  I had not installed Win2000 Svc Pack 1.  Did that and I still get the
error.  Don't know what could be wrong.

I am using Delphi 5 Enterprise W/Svc Pack 1, Infopower Components, BDE 5.11
with Paradox Tables.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It seems to happend everytime I display the DataModule in the IDE.