MSSQL Blob differences with ODBC and SQL Links

We have this blob in a SQL Server database. Delphi's components see
it as a TBlobField.

The problem is that if one develops with SQL Links, the Size property
of the TBlobField is set to zero; while developing with the MSSQL ODBC
driver gives a size of 65,535.

Our problem is that whichever way we develop, if the application is
executed with the other driver, it gets a "field is not of the
expected type" error.


(This is also related to a problem with Paradox. If you specify part
of the blob to reside in the Paradox database, then that length is
presented to the TQuery.Size and the same code won't run with MSSQL.)

Kevin Davidson (
* Respondeo ergo sum ("I respond, therefore I am"), Franz Bibfeldt