Help help.

Hello. I'm a an italian girl and I'm new to pascal... and I'd need some
help. I have to realize a program like that (I'm using Tubo Pascal 5.5):

>>>>>Representation of urban territory:

 - It can be supposed that the urban territory can be simply represented
as a rectangular area of known and pre-arranged dimensions, suppose that
the  sides of the rectangle are exactly oriented with the north-south
and east-west directions of the cardinal points. Inside this area
consider one elementar unit of square shaped  area and having the
dimension of the side prearranged (for example 10  m).
The urban territory is crossed by roads that are all oriented from north
to south or from east to west.
These roads are subdivided into three kinds: big freeways (30 m wide),
normal roads (20 m wide) and secondary roads (10 m wide).


etc. etc.

It has to be possible to insert new roads (checking that it does not
interfere with the old ones) and to modify the old roads properties.

Which is the best way to represent graphically this map?

And I have another problem: how can I create a data-base with a complete
and statistical search system? (I have to create a record of 'fines':
and it has to be possible to visualize, starting from a fine, which
policeman inflicted it, where he inflicted it, to who and so on.. or
starting from a road, which and how many fines were inflicted there...
etc etc, with statistical datas too.)
Can someone help me? Pleeeeeeeeeeease!
Bye bye,