TChartFX "License Information Invalid" OleError at run-time

Hi all,

I have an application in Delphi 3 with ChartFX (cfx32.ocx).  I can install
the app using the included Installshield Express on a brand new clean
install of 95 or NT4 (with service pack 4) and it works fine (although
customer has SP5 on NT).  I routinely test on these clean systems (and
restore them to clean status between each test), and all works fine.

However, I just got a report of a problem from the field where the customer
installed ok, but upon launching gets an error:

"Exception EOleError in module xxxxxxx.exe at xxxxxxxxx.  License
information for TChartFX is invalid."

Now I would have thought that license information was for those using the
component in the IDE.  But this message appears at runtime on the customer's
system.  I had the customer re-register the control with regsvr32, which it
did successfully, however, the error still occurs.

I searched Deja News and found one or two other instances of this error
reported by developers whose customers got the error in the field, but these
were back in Dec 98, and the threads had no solutions posted.

Also, the SoftwareFX company site has no on-line support for the version of
ChartFX included with Delphi 3.

Has anyone seen this problem, or have an idea about the solution?

Thanks in advance,

Vinnie Murdico
Software with Brains, Inc.