Multi users accessing files on Netware 3.12 server w/ BTrieve

We have been having a lot of difficulty accessing files on our server
through the BDE. The problems first occured when trying to run instances
of a Delphi app from two different work stations that were accessing the
same data on a mapped logical drive. We also tried opening the files
with DBD with the same results, which seems to rule out a problem with
the code.
        We have tried both Paradox and Dbase files and both result in
the second user being "Unable to Access File", even just to read it. We
have contacted Borland, and run through the normal check list such as
properly setting the NETDIR parameter to a common logical drive with the
same identical path, but not were tht data is stored; setting LOCAL
SHARE to true; checking the file structures (we even tried copying
DBDEMOS files to the net); etc.

The first real clue we've had involved BTrieve. Our system loads it into
memory by default becasue it is used by the backup software. Is this a
bug or a conflict that can be resolved or do we have to keep BTrieve off
the system?

A second problem we've had involves DBase files on the network, but is
not cleared up when BTrieve is released. We are unable to open more then
six tables into memory when the tables are on the server. No such
problem when the tables are local, and adjusting the FILES= lines in the
config.sys and net.cfg files as well as the MAXFILEHANDLES in the BDECFG
makes no dent. It still limits our apps and the DBD to six open DBase
        Does any one have any experience with similar problems? Any idea
how these might be related? All solutions are welcome!


Steve Wash
Zane & Associates