What's the Best Database????

We have been developing in D1 with Paradox for our app, and want to up
it to D2 C/S.  (we've noticed D2 is slower than D1.  Has anyone else
noticed this???)  A bigger and better database would be nice.

We've purchased SQL Anywhere, but before we put all our eggs into that
basket, we want to know what everyone else thinks is a good DB.  

Our main concern is replication between sites, that will most likely be
separated by phone lines.  We want a good solid database that doesn't
require much maintainence, since our users are still trying to figure
out which piece is the computer and which is the monitor.  

We know that Interbase doesn't do replication (unless you are the Army),
and SQL Anywhere does.  There are many other DB's that we are unfamiliar

Help us learn about which one has been successful or not for you.
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