Are you cluttered with TDataSet TQuery TDatabase etc

1 April 1997

Delphi Developer

We are pleased to announce TComponentCollector version 2.01 for Delphi 1
and 2, a component to administrate non visual components.

Do you have several Non-Visual components on your form or Data Module.
- are they in the way when you want to work with your visual controls in
the IDE ?
- is it hard to find the correct TDataset or TDatabase ?
- do you want to organize them in groups but still be able to see the whole
form ?

Yes, TComponentCollector is definetely for you, it will collect all
non-visual components from your form and put them in an auto hiding bar,
like Windows 95 task bar. It's very easy to look your components up with
the mouse and right button clicks. This behavior can be done on your forms
or in the DataModule.

How much does it cost?
Just US $19.

You can download a fully working evaluation version right now from:
More information is also provided on this site.