Delphi DLL and Persistent Database Session

No real luck sofar on this problem, but yesterday I got called by some
colleague and he told me that maybe I just could pass the correct instance
of the TDatabase component (which should be a pointer to the actual object
description) to the DLL. I had some problems trying it (caused by other
errors) but I found out that I could see the exact same database component
(I found it connected, the right databasename (to pass to the stored
procedures in the DLL) and so on). So pass it in as a parameter and then
assign it to a local (or DLL global) variable of TDatabase.

Hope this helps, let me know and I will continue fixing the other errors to
continue testing this, because it would in potential give me some more
transparency than placing the DLL code inside my application.
Pim-Jan Veenendaal
The Netherlands
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