InterBase on the Internet?

We want to be able to use our Win 95/98 Delphi 3 (soon to be 5) program on a
local stand alone PC, on a LAN, on a WAN, and over the internet (that is, as
far as the data is concerned).  My question is, would something like
InterBase do this?

I was also wondering what the cost of an InterBase installation would be.  I
believe that you get a copy of InterBase to use for development, which
handles my PC, but what about the customer?  Will they need to purchase a
Client and a Server version of InterBase?  What's involved in all of this.

Also, right now, we're working with Delphi 5 Professional.  Would there be
any additional benefits to me in upgrading to the Enterprise edition?  One
thing to keep in mine here is I don't have ANY experience in the "big boy's"
type applictions (multi-tir (spelling?) client/server type stuff).  All I've
ever done with Delphi is use the default Paradox BDE database engine.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

-= Jesse =-