Reading Blob-Memo Fields Via ODBC

Calling all ODBC Guru's

Any Hints on how to access Blob fields via ODBC in Delphi 1.0

I am accessing Timberline Data files (Construction Estimating
Software) via the BDE and Timberline's 16 Bit ODBC Drivers.
I can read all fields into TTable & TQuery objects except Blob memo fields.
I have tried using the TBlobstream component suggested in a FAQ
somewhere but this causes a GPF.

The info Structure that SQL is returning indicates that the length of
the BlobMemo feild is 32767 - I read in Paradox 5 Readme file that a
Blob field should be <= 32765 and that some SQL's read the header
info incorrectly. - Could this be the problem & is there a solution
on the Delphi/BDE/SQL side of things or is this an ODBC driver

Any help much appreciated