D4 to D5 - Odd ActiveX component problem

In Delphi 4 Professional with Update Pack 3, I have a project that makes use
of an ActiveX component called SaxBasic.  When I migrate this application to
Delphi 5 Professional with Update Pack 1 the program fails on execution with
the error "Could not obtain OLE control window handle".

If I start a new project in Delphi 5 the component behaves quite normally.
This leads me to believe that somewhere in the project files from the Delphi
4 version there is something that references the ActiveX control erringly as
compared to a fresh Delphi 5 project.

I have deleted the components and all references I can find in the .pas
files and .dfm files.  I have deleted all the .dcu files.  Is there some
other file or files I need to edit?

Thanks for your help.

--Lucas Williams