OLE Automation: Excel doesn't shut down properly when autoformatting

Attention Inprise:

I have found the problem; this appears to be a problem with the
Excel_TLB.pas import unit and early binding.

When I convert the exact same code to late binding the problem goes away!


Jason Wingfield
Software Design Engineer
NovAtel Inc.

Jason Wingfield wrote in message <702lcr$k...@forums.borland.com>...
>Whenever I apply autoformatting to an Excel sheet the Excel object does not
>shut down after calling the Quit method.
>Does anyone else experience this behaviour?

>I have of course tried this with a very basic shell that simply creates the
>Excel object, adds a sheet, puts in a line of text, autoformats, then quits
>the Excel object after saving (sample code is attached); if I simply
>out the line that performs the autoformatting the object shuts down
>EVERY time.

>Any ideas???



>Jason Wingfield
>Software Design Engineer
>NovAtel Inc.