DBExpress support for C++Builder 6 with Oracle and stored procedures

Yep... know about that one in D7. It is a step in the right direction, but
is also not the right answer to the problem.
It will void the component setup of many peoples programs. Why they cannot
simply use the PACKAGE.STOREDPROCEDURE() syntax I do not understand.

The SP's are most of them returning data (output's).

best regards
Kim Madsen

"Ramesh Theivendran" <rtheivend...@borland.com> skrev i en meddelelse

> There is a PackageName property that is currently available in DELPHI but
> not in BCB 6. Setting the package name should give you the list of SP's.
> Anyway, since this is not available in BCB 6, a possible workaround if you
> are executing SP's with only IN params you can do it through via

> T.Ramesh.
> "Kim Madsen" <k...@components4developers.com> wrote in message
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> > Hi,

> > I have a customer who have a serious problem, not being able to use
> > with stored procedures in packages via dbExpress.
> > They are moving away from using the BDE.

> > It seems, also according to searches on the newsgroups, that dbExpress
> > doesnt work with Oracle in that setup - Oracle claiming that a stored
> > procedure does not exist even though it surely does.

> > Since the customer purchased BCB6 Enterprise with the full expectation
> > being able to convert to dbExpress from BDE which does not work within
> > against a Oracle 8.1.7 or newer database, the customer ofcourse would
> > to get this to work.

> > They have applied all patches for BCB6 without any success.
> > According to newsgroups posts the problems have been known at least
> > Februrary 2002 and thus today a patch solving the problem should exist.

> > Any solutions as of yet?

> > I know of DOA and ODAC4 etc. solutions, but it was not the intention
> > upgrading to BCB6 Enterprise from BCB3 C/S and BCB4 Enterprise that
> another
> > 3rdparty product should be used. Thus a solution to this from Borland
> would
> > be appreciated.

> > best regards
> > Kim Madsen
> > k...@optical.dk