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BDE Installation using Install Shield Express


Recently, I installed a program in a machine using InstallShield Express.
The installation included full BDE installation.

After that, I uninstalled All the components and reinstalled the program
using the installation disks.

Now, InstallShield complained that it cannot merge the configuration file.

I tried uninstalling again, physically removing the Borland Common Files
from the

But the problem still persists. Does this I cannot install BDE in the same
machine more than once?

How am I to solve my present problem.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

- Joe


Re:BDE Installation using Install Shield Express

There are two times that I have gotten that message:

1.  Trying to install on NT to a machine that I didn't have admin rights on.  
2.  Trying to install on a machine that has a newer version of BDE then the one
that I am trying to install.
Michael Glatz

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