QuickReport: Problem with and after saving report.

I'm using QuickReport 2.0J with Delphi3 Client/Server.

1. Save (click on 'Save' button) on Report Preview form gives 2 options to
save: as *.QRP or *.TXT, but in fact saves report without extension.

2. After saving report as TXT file I closed the Report Preview form and then
opened it again. The Preview was blank - no report. Just the word
'Working...' was down on right side. I tried to open the Preview form with
the same dataset, other dataset - no report. I closed an application and
opened it anew. When I opened the Report Preview form - I saw the report; I
saved it as TXT file, closed the Preview form, opened it - no report.
What is a problem? Is there a bug? Have anyone solution?

Thanks in advance,
Rita Barda.

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