Object Inspector-type component?

        Dear Netters,

The design of my application calls for an object inspector-type form.
This form would consist of a notebook + tabset component. Each page
of the notebook contains a grid, with "read-only" cells on the
first column, and cells that can be edited in the next column. Clicking
on an editable cell would should a list box or a combo box on the cell
(to restrict user input).

I am trying several kludges to emulate this kind of component (using
a string grid and several list boxes), but these clumsy hangovers
are not very satisfying.

Do you know where I can find an object-inspector type component?
(commercial or shareware)?
Or can I derive a grid to create my own component?

Thanks in advance.

Quoc Thang NGUYEN
Laboratory of Cellular and
Molecular Neurobiology
Dept. of Psychobiology
University of California, Irvine
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