OpenGL - Rendering to Printer

Unable to obtain a rendering context associated with the printer.

I have no problem in getting the RC from the window, and then copying the
client area of the window to the printer using
"printer.Canvas.CopyRect" - only the resolution is poor.

A possible solution:

1. create a DIB, using CreateDIBSection() the size of the printer page
2. select the DIB into a DC.
3. set up GL to render to this DC.
4. when GL is done, you can blit the image to the printer

I found this "solution" at

And I have tried in vain to make delphicode of the above and of the
C code which I found at

My code starts like this

    hBmpRC: hGLRC;
    aBmpDC: hDC;

  hBmpRC := wglCreateContext(BmpDC);

Already at this point the "wglCreateContext" returns 0

I would appreciate any help.

Mike Becker