Lock file too large and .Net file

Hi people...

I've a little problem.

I wrote a Delphi application that uses some Paradox tables. This is my

PC 1:
My application in C:\App
Database in C:\database
Private Dir in C:\App\Priv
NET Dir in C:\database

PC 2:(S is mapped to \\PC1\Database)
My appliciation in C:\App
Database in S:\
Private Dir in C:\App\Priv
NET Dir in S:\

So, to make working the BDE over a LAN i set the NET Dir pointing to the same
path for both PC and it works. But to avoid the "Lock file is grown too
large" message i created a subdir Priv in both PCs as described in the
Borland FAQ. It doesn't work. The message appears because the FAQ says both
PCs must have different NET Dir... ok, but another FAQ says both PCs must
have the same path for the NET Dir to allow the BDE working fine over a LAN.
What do i have to do? If i follow the first FAQ (lock file) lock file message
doesn't appear, but the BDE doesn't work over the LAN. If i follow the second
FAQ, BDE works fine over the LAN, but the "lock file..." message appears. I
don't know what to do...

Sorry for my bad english, but i hope someone can help me!


Bye Bye

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