I'm running Delphi 2.0 under W95 on a machine with 16 megs of RAM.
In a program I'm only able to get about 5 megs of data before it
starts swapping to disk.  Swapping to disk means that my program
won't finish running this century.  I need the maximum amount of
real RAM.  Questions/problems:

1. How can I tell how much "real" RAM is available (before it starts

2. How can I set things to maximize the real RAM?

3. I turned off virtual memory in W95 thinking that it would give
me more memory, w/o swapping.  When I did this, however, it reduced
the RAM available to my program to 1.2 megs.  How can I tell it to
give me the max memory and not to swap to disk?


Jud McCranie

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