Changing the alias for an application that uses the BDE

I am having trouble changing the alias setting for an application that uses
several table and query components (Delphi 3).  The application keeps trying
to find the old alias even though, to the best of my knowledge, I have
removed all references to it in the application.

The alias I was using has worked fine for months but prior to preparing to
deploy the application using install shield, I decided to give the alias a
more meaningful name.  Accordingly I amended the Database Name property of
each table and query component on the form to the new alias and recompiled.
When the application was run it continued to look for the original alias
which had now been removed from the BDE.

Can anyone explain why this happens and offer a solution?

I have not added my own Database component to the main form since my needs
were simple and it appeared that table and query components would use an
implicit Database if one was not separately declared.  The alias for each
table and query component was therefore entered in their respective Database
Name properties.  I assumed that this was okay since the aliases available
on the BDE were in the drop down list for the Database Name property in the

Any help gratefully appreciated.

Steve Walker