W2K Service Application and COM connection

 Im trying to write W2K service application on W2K professional with Delphi6
 I wrote service application. My service doing everything well. On service,
 ServiceStart event, I running a function in another unit;

 procedure TService1.ServiceStart(Sender: TService; var Started: Boolean);

 in init procedure;

 //  dm is datamodule
 //  ComSrv is TDCOMConnection
 //  Im experienced with writing COM applications.

       //write exception to logs

   if dm.ComSrv.Connected then dm.ComSrv.Connected:=false;

   dm.ComSrv.ComputerName:=App.COMServer;  //give the server name by code

     dm.ComSrv.Connected:=true;  // It hang here

 When I debug it as explained in delphi helps (Attaching to Process) I saw
 that there is an exception message;
 "CoInitialize has not been called"
 What is the problem?


 Grcan YUCEL

 In windows programming I create datamodule and connected to DCOMServer many
 times. There is no problem.
 But in NT service I could not do it.

 Anyone has an idea?