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OnActivate event doesn't happen

Delphi 4, windows 95 on both systems
On my system, the program runs correctly.
On my client's system (PC Anywhere to send copy of .exe), a secondary form
created by the main form does not trigger the on activate event.
I added showmessage at the start of the handling routine.  On my system it
displays and routine is executed.  On their system, the message is not
displayed and the routine does not get to setup the needed stuff.
What can be different that could cause this?
The program is resident on the C drive in both cases.  The database is on C
on mine but Novell network server on theirs.  But it does need the database
to load the form.
I don't know where to look for the problem.
Linda Scherzer

Re:OnActivate event doesn't happen

The program does not need the database to load the form. Error in my typing.
Linda Scherzer

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