Reproducable bug with Cached Updates.

Here's a reproducable bug that occurs under Delphi 2.0 connected to

1. Setup a TQuery component with a TUpdateComponent hooked in
2. Set cachedUpdates to True but set the to False;
3. Call the TQuery.cancelUpdates procedure with the Query inactive.

You should get an 'Accesss violation at address XXXXXXXX. Read of

00000000'.  The 0 based address may be different.

For all you Borland techies who might getting around to fixing this bug:

The exception occurs in the DB unit TDataSet.GetRecord.

BTW, could someone please tell me if there is a Patch for D2 C/S?  I'm
still having trouble with Delphi rounding my numbers using a Live Query
or TupdateSql.  Thanks.
John Parrott
Elysium Financial Systems