! Delphi Power Toolkit to Ship!!!

Hi Everyone,

Sorry to use bandwidth but I think this message will have significant interest.

As one of (maybe the) primary distributor for the soon to be released (approximately third week
of October) Delphi Power Toolkit - Cutting Edge Tools and Techniques for Programmers with
CD-ROM by Harold Davis I want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to reserve a copy.
Indications are the book will be verrrry popular.

The book is 800 pages and is intended for intermediate and advanced users. The content is
fabulous.  Combining advanced tools and techniques for object oriented programming Delphi
Power Toolkit will help you optimize your programming time and design efficient, effective end-
user applications.

You will get in-depth information and tools you need to compose forms, construct and utilize
components, create and import custom controls, and produce lightning-fast, stand-alone,
executable files. In addition, Delphi Power Toolkit will guide you through conceptualizing
extremely complex, advanced development strategies, only now possible with Delphi's unique
specialized, completely object oriented components, derived through inheritance.

Chapters include: Delphi visual-development concepts; Delphi Pascal - the language; advanced
visual concepts; converting Visual Basic applications; forms and form templates; creating MDI
applications; working with writing components; using VBX controls; creating a DLL; debugging;
DDE and OLD ; database development; report creation; creating multimedia applications;
creating a setup program; help files; and Delphi and Windows 95.

We have started compiling a rapidly growing list of those people who wish to order the book
when the it begins shipping.  We will contact you on the day we receive the book from the
warehouse for shipping and payment instructions. We will have the book before most stores and
will maintain as large a quantity as possible.

The list will help us determine inventory stocking requirements so we do not have to tell anyone,
"sorry, but the book is on backorder", I hate when I hear that.  Being on the list will also enable
you to receive the book as soon as possible.  We will be packing and shipping books non-stop on
the day we receive them from the publisher.

We are also offering a 5% discount to Newgroup and User Group members so please
mention this when you call (516) 496-7121 or reply by e-mail to reserve copies for you and your
group.  Please let us know how many copies you will require.  Everyone on the list will be insured
a copy of Delphi PowerToolKit when it begins shipping.

The retail price of the book will be $49.95 and it includes a CD-ROM.

Please call or e-mail me to be placed on the list.

Thank You,
Marty Fox
(516) 496-7121