DELPHI: Strange error with MDI app

GRWhen trying to minimize an MDI child form (during design) I get a GPF in
  complib.dcl.  This is only when the formtype is set to MDI Child.
  Stranger still is that it seems to be isolated to design; the forms
  behave normally during run-time.
  Since it doesn't seem to affect anything else at this time I'm not too
  worried about it.  However I'm curious as to why this would happen and
  if anyone else has seen the same.

This is a known bug in Delphi. You will have to get your hands on patch
no. 1 for Delphi to get rid of it.
You can get it from Borland via FTP or on CServe.


 * 1st 2.00d #6070 *