Help: Creating Indexes using SQL

Hi all,

I need to summarise totals from one table and store them in another
table. I have wriiten the SQL statement that will calculate the totals
for me, however, everytime I run this SQL statement, the indexes that
I have created (through DBD) are deleted.

I have seen the following local SQL statement "Create Index", but
there is no help available for it, and my hacking has not borne any
fruit. :-((

I need to be able to create a primary index based on threee fileds,
and a secondary index based on 1 field.

The reason for needing the indexes is that I am using the MDBOutline
component that uses master-detail relationships to display the
underlying table data in a outline, and I need the indexes for these
relationships. (TQuery does not have  master-detail relationship

Any help would be appreciated. Andrew
Cape Town - Home of Table Mountain
South Africa.