Slow BDE 5.1 with Paradox tables

I've got an application that I've just recently ported from Delphi 1
to Delphi 4.  I have a customer using the old 16 bit version, using
Paradox tables on a server.  Though the customer admits their network
(Token Ring) is slow, and intend on upgrading it sometime in 2000, the
Delphi 1 version of my product runs literally 10 times faster than the
new version.

I started work on the upgrade with Delphi 4 and didn't want to switch
to Delphi 5 in mid-stream.  I doubt it would make any difference
anyway as I believe the problem is the BDE.  I've upgraded to BDE 5.1
to no avail.

My product creates several tables.  The customer's current database
has around 3000 records in the largest table.  Most of my forms are
based on queries, showing, say, all of the records in a particular
category in a dbGrid.    If I click on a record in the dbGrid, it will
literally take around 15 seconds to select the
new record.  In my Delphi 1 version it was nearly instant.  Category
names are strings, so most of the queries are string-oriented queries.

To bring up a form that has several grids on it literally can take up
to 1 1/2 minutes to display the form.

I can copy the database onto a local hard drive and the performance
returns to acceptable levels.  So it seems that at least part of the
problem is their network.   But, the bottom line is that my Delphi 1
version runs quite acceptably fast on their network and the Delphi 4
doesn't.  I don't understand this.

As far as BDE configuration, I have the PrivateDir set to a directory
I create on the local hard drive under the temp directory.  I didn't
even do that with my 16 bit version as I didn't know at the time I was
supposed to do that.  I have the BDE .DLL files installed on the local
hard drive, as per a normal BDE installation.  

After reviewing some of the other posts here, I see that there is some
issue with some language drivers.  The tables were built with - I
think - Paradox 5 for Windows, years ago.  Either that, or I used the
Database Desktop that came with Delphi 1.  I would assume that it was
with Paradox ASCII, or whatever the standard for US copy of Paradox at
the time.  I recently did some restructuring with Paradox 9.  All my
development I've ever done on this project is with US distributions of
Paradox and Delphi and I've never messed with the language driver,
assuming that the default would be what I would want for US work.

The customer's network is Netware/NT mix with Token Ring cabling.  I'm
told my tables are being stored on a Netware 4.12 server, though I
haven't gone and peaked at it myself.  The workstations are running NT
4, service pack 4.

Thanks for any suggestions anyone might have!