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Indy - - Wierd problem with tcp component from

I downloaded the updates for the Indy components, and yes I know that
these are still in developement, but there is a problem with the TCP
part, or a piece that uses this part.....

Anyway, here is what happens:  I put a TCP Client component on a form,
and within a minute, I get a Stack Overflow error, or if I immeditely go
into the code for my form -  the code completer tries to complete the
code, Delphi closes on its own.

I uninstalled Indy, then reinstalled and did not put the updates in, it
works as expected.

Here is what I have:
   Indy 9.0 with the updates from Nevrona's FTP Site, to get the
IDmessage save to
           file and load from File.  Does anybody know exactly what
components I
          need to update to get the IDmessage to work correctly.
   1.3 GHZ pc
   128 mb ram (Rimm)
   Windows 2000
   Delphi 5, service packs and Ado Updates
   VB 6 installed (Yuck)

Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated, I would like to get to use the
Idmessage functions.  Also any idea when the Official release of 9.0 is



Re:Indy - - Wierd problem with tcp component from

This looks more like a problem with your machine than with Indy.

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