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Does your book cover the uses and abuses of the TUpdateSql component
in any detail?  How about the uses and abuses of Stored Procedures?

Keith (John F. Kaster) wrote:


>Delphi Database Development
>by Ted Blue, John Kaster, Greg Lief, and Loren Scott
>Book/CD ISBN 1-55851-469-4, $44.95, 984 pages, Available May 14, 1996
>M&T Books, Henry Holt and Company, Inc., New York, New York
>Delphi is an extremely popular tool for Windows programming.  Delphi
>Database Development is the only book specifically devoted to
>providing the complete reference material that Delphi database
>developers need.
>This comprehensive book is the result of painstaking research into the
>inner workings of Delphi's extensive database architecture.  It
>contains clear, understandable Delphi examples for using the Borland
>Database Engine, the database API functions, and data file structures.
>Delphi Database Development provides information for migrating to
>Delphi from the Xbase world as well as a discussion of all of Delphi's
>database components.  In addition, this book:
>o Covers both Delphi 1 and Delphi 2
>o Is organized for fast access to important information
>o Contains the complete SQL Command Reference
>o Covers all visual and non-visual database components
>o Fully documents database file formats
>o Discusses alternative database engines for Delphi
>o Provides alternative database programming techniques
>o Reveals previously undocumented Delphi database internals
>o Includes a handy Xbase to Delphi cross-reference
>The CD-ROM that comes with Delphi Database Development includes sample
>database applications and bonus third party Delphi products, hareware,
>and freeware.  It also comes with product demos and information
>(APOLLO, Xphiles, etc.), and issues of Delphi Aquarium and Delphi
>Informant magazines.
>If you have specific comments about the book or source code, contact
>the people listed for the relevant sections in the table below. Ted
>Blue is the President of Blue Star Software, and teaches Delphi
>programming at the University of California at San Diego. Contact Ted
>on Compuserve at 71163,325.  John Kaster is the Owner of Interface
>Technologies, and the author of several development tools for Delphi
>and Xbase developers.  Contact John on Compuserve at 71510,3321 or the
>Internet at  Greg Lief is the President of Object
>Lessons, Inc., a third-party provider for Borland Delphi and Xbase
>developers.  Contact Greg on the Internet at
>Loren Scott is the Product Manager of SuccessWare International,
>developers of APOLLO for Delphi and the SuccessWare Database Engine.
>Contact Loren on Compuserve at 70274,2677.
>Section                                                     Authors         Pages
>Introduction                                                Loren, John     6
>Chapter 1: Overview of Database Development in Delphi       Loren, John
>Chapter 2: The Data Access Components                       Ted             159
>Chapter 3: Visual Data Controls                             Greg            210
>Chapter 4: The TField Components                    Ted             66
>Chapter 5: BDE Function Reference                   Loren, John     316
>Appendix A: BDE Error Return Codes                  Loren           16
>Appendix B: BDE Constants, Type, and Data Structures        Loren           28
>Appendix C: BDE Categorical Reference                       Loren           13
>Appendix D: Xbase to Borland Delphi Conversion Notes        John            34
>Appendix E: Interbase Structured Query Language (ISQL)      Ted             32
>Appendix F: File Formats                                    John            36
>Appendix G: Delphi Component Heirarchy                      Ted             8
>Appendix H: Alternative Database Engines            Loren, John     12
>This hot new book is the only one of its kind!


Re:Delphi Database Development (Book) Info

Keith wrote:

"Hi, there" (ever see 'Welcome Back, Kotter?")

>Does your book cover the uses and abuses of the TUpdateSql component
>in any detail?  How about the uses and abuses of Stored Procedures?

Ted Blue wrote the chapter on the non-visual database components, and
I remember TStoredProc is covered in there.  I'm waiting for a call
back from him about UpdateSQL, because I don't remember whether he
covered that or not, offhand -- I tossed the page proofs for that
chapter, and I won't have any copies of the book until Monday.


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