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BDEError 8712 while starting BDEAdmin


I've got an extremely frustrating BDE error. Whenever I call BDEAdmin it
displays an error message 8712, "object not found", and I can not show any
database entries. The config page is visible and works. I searched the web
for this error and found out that others seem to have the same problem (see

So I tried to alter some registry values and used an empty IDAPI.CFG, but
with no result. Other PCs in the local network can easily access and
manipulate the IDAPI.CFG on the computer, but not the computer with the
corrupt BDE.

If I alter the options to "Session" (= cmSession) The BDEAdmin can be called
again without errors, but obviously it's useless then.

I use the BDE version 5.1.1.

Can anyone help mes, please?



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> Subject: "Could Not Find Object"  BDE 5.01 error 8712
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> We constantly get the "Could Not Find Object" error when trying to run
> the BDE Administrator. Once we clear the popup error window we can use
> the "Configuration" tab of the Administrator only. Clicking on the
> Database tab brings up the error again.

> Everyone on the network uses the same idapi32.cfg file stored on a
> server. BDE applications depending on defined aliases in this file work.
> But we can't edit the file in BDE Admin.

> Sometimes re-installing BDE works (we do it daily), but sometimes not.

> Does anyone have any idea what the "Could Not Find Object" error means?


It happen if you Include the alias by DBD32, try to remove all your alias
and reinsert it by BDEAdmim




year ago we had a same error on one PC. Solution was the next: we changed a
value of some flag in registry (in the Borland\BDEAdmin node), but I forgot
the name of this flag.
I think that you just can compare a values on two PCs...

With best regards, Mike Shkolnik.


Re:BDEError 8712 while starting BDEAdmin

Message is 'Could not find Object'
Check that all alias addresses are correct and that you have network
privileges (read, write, create) to use them.
Check that language drivers are correct.

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