Access Corrupted file

Hi folks,

When I try to open the database made by MS Access, I get the following
message and  can not open the database. What is the problem and how can I
open and work with the database. The message is:

The database 'C:\ name of database' needs to be repaired or isn't a database

You or another user may have unexpectedly quit MS Access while MS Access was
open. Do you want MS Access to repair the database?    Yes          No

When I click yes, I get the following message:

The database 'C:\ name of database' can't be repaired or isn't a MS Access

I also have one data base that works properly. I want to make copies of it
(just in case ) on other drives. But when I  copy and try to open the copies,
I get the above message. Your help would be highly appreciated. Please e-mail


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