Random Access Violations and Floating point errors with Quick Report

Marcelo Carone Aboumrad wrote:

> Hi all !

> I am very confused about a problem that is happening with my application. I  have a large app that has several forms and report forms (using Quick Report).
> Sometimes when I close a preview (not a custom preview) and open a new form I get random Access Violations messages and sometimes Floating Point Exceptions (EInvalidOp).


        Which version of Quick Reports.  

        V3.0x has at least two problems with closing while previewing.  If you
have the qr 3.0 source, look on the bugs page of
http://members.xoom.com/_XOOM/Nathan_Anderson/qr3index.htm for at least
my solution to fix the major close after preview bug.    However, there
is at least one more bug that I still haven't tracked down when clicking
the "Close"/"Print"/"Page Setup" while the preview is still being
generated that occurs pretty in-frequently.  

See ya, Nathan.