INF-Tool - the *special* setup software

just wanted to introduce INF-Tool, my new 'baby', to you !

INF-Tool lets you design full-featured installation scripts
(including Uninstall feature, creation of groups, display
of ReadMe/Help/.. - files etc.etc.) *in seconds* !

But that's not all: INF-Tool generates *very small* installation
scripts (only 1-3 KB !!) in the .INF format, which can *fully* be
handled by Windows95/NT - thus making huge-sized and
expensive Installation software obsolete anymore.

INF-Tool is especially useful if you want to offer software
over the internet and don't want to waste your and your
customers money transferring hundreds of KB's just for
installation routines. It also helps if you want to provide
prompt-free installations, CDROM-installations,
product-update automation etc.

You can download the Shareware-version of INF-Tool
from my Download Page (URL: see footer).
Tell me what you think !

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