USING READLINE and READ in Graphic mode

I'm actually using the DRIVERS.TPU unit supplied with TP7 dos to react to the keyboard

like getkeyevent(event);
case event.keycode of

kbesc : {something}

kbup : {something}


But that's not my problem...

        My problem is when I want the user to input some info.

In text mode I would use readln...etc YOU KNOW....

But here in 640 X 480 X 256, it doesn't work the way I would like to.
instead of inputing the entry...WITH THE FONT I CHOSE, it uses the default TEXT font.

So what I do now is :

- I output my question on the screen;
- I move the graphic cursor next to my question;
- I get the entry of the user in a stream (letter by letter)
- At each letter the user input, I just write it with outtext, you know as if the user was
really writing them next to my question...
- And when I receive the event KBENTER (the user presses enter)
- I continue my program and I use my stream of entry as a string...

You see that this method WORKS BUT REALLY.....suckS!

        Is there ANOTHER way...a simple way and short way I could do the same?

You help will be appreciated... thanks