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ADO/SQL Svr 7.0 and RETURN/Output parameters


I have managed to get the Output and RETURN parameters from a stored
procedure that creates a recordset.  The trick is to close the Recordset
before asking for the RETURN and Output parameters, but I am puzzled as to
how to get these parameters if the stored procedure is an Update or Insert.

I can work around but I would still like to know how it is done?

Any clues or pointers would be appreciated.


Any clues on how to use ADO events or pointers to documentation on this
subject would also be appreciated.

Stuart Wheeldon
DALEC Consultants


Re:ADO/SQL Svr 7.0 and RETURN/Output parameters


Documentation on ADO is included with Microsoft's Data Access SDK (V. 2.0
plus V. 2.1 update), which can be downloaded somewhere at It is also available on line at Microsoft (I
don't know exactly where). The download is around 30MB. To get only the
newest docs, I guess it's enough to just download the 2.1 update of the SDK
(around 6MB).

Bernhard Frei
G. Bopp + Co. AG

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