me and my friend wrote a unit for music in TP...  it's one of our first...
it's very simple to use...  you can set the tempo, note style, note, and
duration...  if you want it, you can have it for free...  just email me and
i'll send you a copy... i olny ask that you don't spread it around and that
you email me back and tell me how it works for you....

    tempo(240);    {sets the tempo}
    play(c2,q);        {plays note C in the middle octave for a quater note}
    playstac(e3,e);    {plays a staccato high E for an either note}
    playleg(g4,dh);    {plays a leggato super high G for a dotted half note}
    play(c1,qt);        {plays a low C for a quarter triplet);
    play(a0,w);        {plays a super low A for a whole note}