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 In> wrote on 26.09.96:
 > > > Is there a way to work around the 'too many variables' error message
 > > > without changing my whole program???

 > > If you get this error your program probably calls (no, screams) for being
 > > rewritten. Sorry, but that is the truth. For one thing you could try to
 > > use procedures und functions, or even better- units. Do not use too much
 > > global                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ data in any case.

 >    Rebuilding the program with Units won't help this particular error -
 > it's complaining about the _total_program_ data, and Units usage won't
 > improve that in any way.  Your last comment, about global data, is the
 > only real solution.

 In> I'm not certain, but I believe it may help to move as many items in
 In> the   interface section to the implementation section as possible.

 In> Chris Mathews

It would be even more helpful to start using pointers to data.

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