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InstallShield Express installation procedure

Hi there.

For the first time I used InstallShield Express to create a
distributable media.

I tell the wizard to install the BDE standard database driver on target

I print the CD-ROM, and go to a sample PC for the whole package to

In the middle of the InstallShield installation procedure this message
is displayed:

"Merging the configuration file has failed. Config file:
C:\Programs\Shared files\Borland\BDE\IDAPI32.CNF"

I press OK, and the procedure goes on to the end without aborting.

Then I select Start>Programs>MyFolder>MyApplication and I am given the
following message:

"An error occurred attempting to initialize the BDE (error $3E06)".

Can anybody tell me what is happening ?

Thanks in advance. A.V.


Re:InstallShield Express installation procedure

See,1410,18727,00.html .

Bill Todd (TeamB)
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