Advantage Database Server and Clipper 5.2

I had lots of experience on a job a couple of years ago with Clipper 5.2,
Advantage Database Server, and Delphi 3. I have nothing but great things to say
about Advantage, both with Clipper and with Delphi, and also about Advanatge's
incredible performance with accessing and reindexing large dbfs. Also handy is
the local ACE (Advantage Client Engine) client you get for Delphi, which gives
Delphi a real good way to access dbfs with ntx indexes without needed the
Advantage Database Server in place. As an old Clipper "salt", I really
appreciated the Advantage server's performance. But like I say,it's been a long
time, and I don't have access to that code anymore, and we were using
Advantage's ACE client v1.x - so I'm not a good resource for detailed questions
when you get into it....

Shakya Jones

Patrick wrote:
> We are considering using Advantage Database Server for data compatibility
> with Delphi5 (Enterprise) and Clipper (DOS) app's.  The Clipper app's would
> be very small app's that perform on the production floor, and would print
> labels, simple lookups, etc., yet they will need to access the client-server
> data.

> Has anyone used the Clipper R.D.D. for Advantage?  If so, what are the
> 'gotchas'?

> And - is there a better product that would tie Clipper app's with a
> client-server database?


> Patrick