WinFax PRO and DDE

Has anyone got any working code for sending a FAX using WinFAX pro, with
I am using Delphi 2, Win NT4 and WinFax 8.

I want to be able to print directly to WinFax (not interested in
attachments).  I am doing the following:

Open channel (FAXMNG32/CONTROL)
Close channel

Open a channel (FAXMNG32/TRANSMIT)
PokeData('sendfax', 'recipient(....)');
PokeData('sendfax, fillcoverpage(....)');
PokeData('sendfax, showsendscreen("0")');
{a} Mycontrol.Print;
Close channel
{b Mycontrol.Print}

Open channel (FAXMNG32/CONTROL)
{c Mycontrol.Print}
Close channel
{d Mycontrol.Print}
I've tried placing the Print command at various points in the code (a,
b, c, d / "b" would seem the most logical one to me).  In each case, all
I get is the standard WinFax dialog with blank entries.  No error
message, nothing.

Any clues?
Olly Morgan
Scottish Agricultural College
Edinburgh, Scotland

email:  (remove the -z from the address)