Application icon not shown in Win95 taskbar!?!

After reinstalling Delphi 2.0, the application icon doesn't show up in the
Win95 taskbar anymore. Instead, the default Delphi application icon is shown.

When I go to Project/Options/Application Icon in Delphi, the right icon is
there. Changing it to any other icon does not result in a change of the
behaviour, the Win95 taskbar still shows the default Delphi icon, regardless of
my selection in Project/Options/App icon.

In Explorer the default Delphi icon is also shown for my app (both in Large
icons and in Details view), but -strangely enough- when I do a Properties for
the app in Explorer, the right icon is shown in the left-top corner of the
properties form.

Any one a clue?

     Rogier Meurs  -

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