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Newbie question: "Cannot create output file"

I just started lurking in this newsgroup aftert installing Delphi 2.0
my 486DX2-80 16MB 514MB machine.

I have problems compiling a *very small* (160 line) program.  I have
trouble "running" the program more than once while in Delphi because I
get the following error: "Could not create output file
c:\temp\[filename]".  When this happens, the performance of Delphi
slows markedly.  

The only way I can run the program again is by opening a new project
with a new file name and "adding" all the original units in the
original program.  Only then can I "run" the program again, but only
once or twice before I get the same message!

Any suggestions?
- Michael Nuyen


Re:Newbie question: "Cannot create output file"

Running out of diskspace?  Either you are running out of disk space or
you are trying to compile a program that you are running in the

Todd Clemetson

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