problem with ADO-programming


As I'm quite new to the whole Delphi-programming, I'm experiencing a problem
I cannot solve with any newsgroup this far yet. Maybe one of you can tell me
the answer for my problems, because I'm very sure it should be quite easy.

On my application I have a TADOCommand named "ADOCommand1" and a
TADODataSet named ADODataSet1

In the application I also have a TButton, with the following code:

    procedure TForm1.Button2Click(Sender: TObject);
    var nummer, code: integer;
      with ADOCommand1 do begin
        CommandText := 'SELECT t_ides, t_cuno, t_cdel ' +
        'FROM ttdssc017800 ' +
        'WHERE t_cdel = :parameter';
        CommandType := cmdText;
        Parameters.ParamByName('parameter').Value := code;
        ADODataSet1.Recordset := Execute;
      afleveradres1.Text := adodataset1.recordset.Fields[0].Value;

When I now run the application, fill out the advicenote.text and click on
the button, I always see the message:

"Project labelprinter.exe raised exception clas EOleException with message
'Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted.
Requested operation requires a current record". Process stopped. Use Step or
Run to continue."

I'm sure the record exists, because I've been looking it up in the database,
but I noticed the type has a 4-byte integer...

Can anybody help me out with this one?

Kind regards,

    Ronny Louis